New York City

New York City
-- Tom Morrison

New York City,
Oh what a pity.
A pity that I don’t
live there.
If I was there
it would be so pretty
if I lived
in New York City.
Pity, city, gritty, pretty.
I wish to live
in New York City!

Snow Days

Snow Days
Tom Morrison

Snow days!
Snow days!
Snow days are
The best!
Snow days!
Snow days!
They have them
In the west!
Snow days! Snow
Days! Snow days
Are so Cool!
Snow days!
Snow days!
On them there’s


By Tom Morrison

Elevator in the
Empire State Building
And then It
And I Walk

Bee Stings

Bee Stings
Tom Morrison

I got stung by
a bee!
really hurts.
for me!
As I ran in
the yard,
I flew really
but the bee
fly faster

The Unforgettable Day

By Tom Morrison
Once, my dad and l had an unforgettable day. It was fall and we were going to do some yard work. I like the fall for many reasons. I like jumping in the leaves in the fall. I like playing with my friends at school, which starts in the fall. People call it fall because it’s the season that the leaves fall down.

At our house, we saw that most of the leaves had fallen. My dad noticed 2 dead tree branches. We went outside and my dad climbed up his ladder and yanked them down. “AWESOME!!!!” l yelled, running towards the fallen branches. I grabbed 2 other sticks and pretended they were swords and I pretended that the bigger branch was a dragon. I attacked with my swords. Once I was done slaying the dragon, (or branch,) l helped my dad cut him up into firewood with a two-person saw. We made 3 piles: Large sticks, medium sticks, and small sticks. When we finished that, I cut up the other dragon. We brought the piles of sticks down to the driveway. We put them there because we have a fireplace built into the stone wall next to our driveway. Those sticks are still in our driveway right next to our fireplace.

Fall also has 2 of my favorite holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving. They are, at least what I think, very fun.

The end.

Tom's Shadow Puppet School: crab

Here's how to make a crab or a tarantula, The only difference is how they walk -- crabs walk sideways and tarantulas walk forwards.

Tom's Shadow Puppet School

My Grammy Vera gave me a shadow puppet book for Halloween. Here's a shadow puppet of a dog. The video is a little dark, but if you watch it a few times, you'll get it: